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According to Today, 10 percent of people will lose some of their cognitive functions by age 70. That percentage only increases as we age, by 80 years old, 50 percent of people will experience some type of cognitive impairment. One in five people will experience “brain drain” as they age, particularly those with risk factors such as a family history of cognitive issues, and one of the first things impacted is a decline in an ability to handle finances.

These daunting statistics were recently revealed by Dr. Michael Roizen, Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, and financial expert, Jean Chatzky during a recent appearance on Today to promote their new book, Age Proof: Living Longer Without Running Out of Money or Breaking a Hip.
Fortunately, Dr. Roizen said that your hippocampus – the part of your brain associated with memory – can be strengthened as well as grow and provided several tips to help your brain stay healthy.

Stay Active
Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night
Learn something new
Play video games*
Take vitamins (especially B, D, multi-vitamins and DHA – aka fish oil)
Manage your stress**

*It is important to note that not all video games will specifically help your brain. While many games are beneficial for hand-eye coordination, games that feature ‘speed of processing’ have been shown to help memory. Speed of processing games involve “the ability to automatically and fluently perform relatively easy or over-learned cognitive tasks, especially when high mental efficiency is required.” These specific type of video game may result in a decreased dementia rate of 50 percent over 10 years. Speed of processing video games are available for mobile devices (smart phones, tablets) and computers and can be found in several sources, including AARP and There is often a fee to download the games, though the fee is usually less on AARP.

**Managing your stress is good advice for everyone but in regard to older adults, dealing with household finances can become a stressor. Some simple methods to help prevent that type of stress include paying bills as they come in rather than letting them pile up to pay all at once or twice a month as well as building an emergency cushion by saving 15 percent of your income. Even increasing your savings by five percent can help you feel less stressed. Also, talk to the people in your life about your health and financial concerns, they may be able to help you so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

According to Dr. Roizen, dementia is preventable, or can be significantly delayed, by following these four steps.

1. Avoid toxins
2. Stay active
3. Your waist should be less than one half your height
4. Manage stress

If you can follow his advice, Dr. Roizen said you could reduce chronic disease by 80 percent over a 30-year period and help prevent dementia. To watch the entire Today interview, please see below.

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